The Olympic Games, television and social media

This book deals with the Olympics from a complex perspective – understanding them as a microcosm of the macrocosm of modern society. Among the topics explored are the role of TV in transforming the Olympics into the world’s largest global event; how the Olympics have been a showcase for the introduction of new technologies; and the strategies employed by the Olympic Family in order to share the Olympic values through social media.

The Youth Olympic Games and social networks (2010-2014)

The engagement of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona on Facebook

The engagement on Facebook during the Youth Olympic Games

Social networking and the Olympic Movement: social media analysis, opportunities and trends

This study comprises an approach to, an analysis of and the future recommendations for the IOC’s strategy on social media. It offers a comprehensive analysis of social media strategies at Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games by the main actors of the Olympic family together with a great quantity of social networking sociodemographic data and tools for monitoring Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, different case studies about social media strategy by Olympic Athletes, NBA, FC Barcelona, Coca Cola and Starbucks, FIBA and the rest of Sport Federations are presented. The research concludes with an in-depth study of new communication trends in social media.

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